7 months ago DLearnAndSaveTheChildrenavid Jhonattan (Founder) has stated & implied a goal to his Heart: “I will not hope on the possibilities of another man’s decision of getting a fair hearing of my case appeal and hope in getting the compensation I deserve… I will create my own success and make sure they don’t do this to: many future younger generations to come, no more! I will CHANGE AMERICA!!

In 12/3/2011, David was facing a guaranteed sentence in prison. In few months of being out on bail, despite his legal problems, he was inspired to leave a legacy for younger generations with Art. And that’s where the story begins, Impressively in 3 months he constructed a business with couple associate’s and the business was taking its course, but when it came to David to serve his sentence, the business collided, mostly because no one was passionate enough to carry out the mission. Meanwhile in David’s journey in prison, still with motivation, David began studying law for the only purpose to help the less educated individuals in prison. David came to a point where he understood law at a fair level and revised his own case, and found Invalid Evidence used against him, and the laws of procedure not righteously implied.

Regardless of the all restrictions he endured while forming L.E.A.R.N.® including self-representation through district courts & state supreme courts and a active case in Federal Court (3:15-cv-00020) against the State., David has engraved ‘the NO excuses” motive, to complete his duty, and states: “Hardships are only experiences that will develop further growth within, and make one stronger for a bigger purpose”.


Currently L.E.A.R.N.® is marching for the Nation’s attention, “Today we will be heard!!” Is L.E.A.R.N.®’s first Media release. Released on 11/23/2015 to the public. The recording was made all by unscripted people voicing their present views about the problem our nation currently has in the educational department, “Today we will be heard!!” as-well releases the objection and blue print on how we as a nation will be able to resolve this present matter.


The Future is in the hands of the nation now, yes the goal is to establish the basic fundamental of legal interpretation in every U.S. high school, regardless of location or the school’s financial state.

An assignment like this will not be able to see success by one man, nor by a hand full of determined individuals… but to establish the success of L.E.A.R.N.®’s purpose, this will only be possible by a collaboration of all of us (parents, students business owners, workers, lawyers, teachers, musicians, soldiers, veterans, artists and even law enforcers). We as a nation have watched the problem manifest itself and with no remorse it has effected countless lives and proceeds aggressively every given second. If we do not address this issue as a nation together today, our future will be no different than our present.

Your reaction today is the future. THE FUTURE IS YOU.

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